No Entry Signage

The purpose of displaying no entry signage is to prohibit others from gaining entry to an area, car park or building by a specific route for either safety or security reasons, no entry signage includes a pictogram of a walking person on a white background surrounded by a red circle and a red line passing through it which symbolises a prohibition message. In sites where people who are not authorised to access certain areas or entry points displaying no unauthorised access signage will stop those without authorisation from gaining entry and no access signage is mounted around areas to stop people accessing areas which may be hazardous.

To prohibit people from carrying out specific activities around your sites which can be to improve safety or security measures you can mount workplace prohibition signs which features prohibition symbols, pictograms and restrictive messages on the signs to comply with the health & safety regulations. Our complete range of site and public areas prohibition signs offer a vast range of safety messages to prohibit people and drivers from carrying out dangerous or harmful activities and our health & safety compliant industrial workplace signs offers a variety of signs in various formats, materials and sizes for all workplaces.

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