Nite Glow Signs

Within some premises it may be wise to install photoluminescent fire exit signs, these signs would normally be installed in dimly lit areas of your property such as stairwells and corridors where in the event of power failure these photoluminescent fire exit signs will provide enough illumination to guide people to a safe place such as the fire exit in adequate time, the photoluminescent signs are best installed at each change of level in flooring or change of direction of the route and to have a desired effect can be displayed between each emergency light to provide a greater illumination of the travel route. We are the UK manufacturer and supplier of glow in the dark signs, photoluminescent signs, luminous signs and nite-glow signs. We stock a vast range of glow in the dark signs which are all suitable for every business premises throughout the UK. The luminous signs require a minimal amount of time to charge up and will glow in the dark from between 5 and 12 hours depending on which sign you prefer. All of our photoluminescent signs are available with free delivery too. More information can be found in our article.