Toughstripe™ Footprints Floor Marker Tapes

The Toughstripe™ Footprints Floor Marker Tapes are self-adhesive floor tapes used for the purpose of laying on floors for you to create pedestrian walkways around the workplace to help keep pedestrians clear of hazardous areas such as machinery, equipment and obstacles. The Toughstripe™ Dots Floor Marking Tapes are also ideal for creating pedestrian walkways, highlight storage areas, cordon off machinery and hazardous areas, Toughstripe™ Arrow Symbol Floor Markers are an ideal solution for directing pedestrians around the workplace where specific routes are required to be followed by pedestrians such as guiding them towards fire exits and keeping them in specific walkway zone and our full range of Toughstripe™ Floor Marking Tapes provides a full range of anti-slip floor marking solutions for the workplace. View the complete range of Toughstripe Floor Marking Tapes and stickers.

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