Hand Cream Dispensers

Hand cream dispensers are manufactured for installation in toilets, washrooms and restrooms in workplaces where manual labour and handling is carried out by people on a daily basis such as industrial manufacturing plants, processing plants and engineering workplaces. The DEB Pure Restore Conditioning Cream Dispensers provides skin care for dry, sore, chapped and normal skin, non-greasy formula is compatible with latex and nitrile gloves, perfume free and dye free. Highly effective after-work conditioning cream and the Florafree Skin Hygiene System Dispensers are specifically designed for food handlers, good hand hygiene is the simplest and most effective way to prevent the spread of harmful bacteria, dispenser is made of tough, impact-resistant plastic and has a non-drip, non-clog dispensing mechanism. Can be hand or elbow operated. View the full range of dispensers for washrooms and toilets.

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