Fire Exit Arrow Left Signs

What are Fire Exit Arrow Left Signs? Fire Exit Arrow Left Signs are a range of safe condition route fire exit signs which conveys the message with left pointing arrows to indicate that you need to go towards the left in order to find the fire exit and escape to a place of safety, these Fire Exit Arrow Left Signs are normally displayed in complex building where fire exits are generally less easier to locate at a glance.

Fire Exit Arrow Left Signs, we supply a variety of fire exit signs with arrow left which are designed to direct people in the direction of an exit during an emergency, you may have a complex building where there are a mixture of corridors containing various exit routes such as those seen in hospitals.

You would display the fire exit with arrow left signs in positions such as following internal doors or the ends of corridors to direct evacuees to the nearest available emergency exit from their current position. It is wise to display these fire exit with arrow left signs in clear prominent positions for everyone to see, avoid the use of using bi-directional arrow signage as this could lead to confusion as people evacuating prefer a clear one way direction without a choice.

Our fire exit with arrow left signs are available in a variety of sizes, shapes and materials to suit all types of buildings, we also provide a range of fire exit with arrow left signs in glow in the dark material too, these types of signs are excellent for poorly lit areas where there may be darkness in the event of a power failure as they will illuminate enough to provide the evacuees with enough light to see their direction of travel.