First Aid Dressings

First aid dressings are applied to patients who have wound injuries and are designed to help prevent the wound becoming infected, for injuries in the workplace first aid dressings can be applied by a first aider or a colleague but it is important they first wash their hands and wear non-latex, disposable gloves prior to opening the dressing or touching the wound to prevent cross-contamination. The dressing should be unfolded and placed onto the wound which can be kept in place by holding the dressing at both ends and ensure the dressing overlaps the wound area, for treating people with finger wounds you can use the Steroplast Premium Small Finger Dressing which provides initial protection from infection and features a strong elastic bandage to hold the dressing securely in place. Further guidance for employers and first aiders is available from the UK Government HSE website which provides valuable information regarding first aid.

Designed for high exudate wounds with low-allergy and high absorbency the Relipore Xtreme Adhesive Dressing Pads are ultra adhesive sterile dressings which features an easy to open pouch can also act as a sterile field for the dressing whilst a wound is being treated, where people have received burns to their hands such as from hot surfaces the CoolTherm Hand Burn Dressing Glove is the ideal solution to help provide relief as the CoolTherm technology absorbs thermal energy in order to cool and soothe, the tips of the fingers are visible so they can still be observed after dressing and separates individual fingers to avoid any webbing on the hand and potentially reducing the need for skin grafts.

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