Drum Rotary Hand Pumps

Drum Rotary Hand Pumps, the Metal Ryton Rotary Drum Pump is made from robust ryton and stainless steel making it ideal for use with chemicals and solvents. High capacity with twin impeller rotary action, delivers 100 litres per minute, features a 1" (25mm) outlet tube, 1250mm delivery hose and 80 mesh strainer at inlet. The Chemical And Solvents Drum Rotary Pump is manufactured from stainless steel and teflon for dispensing corrosive chemicals and solvents from chemical storage drums quickly and safely, the pump is suitable for use with acids, acetones, alcohols, mineral oil and sodium solutions and delivers liquid chemicals at a rate of 25 litres per minute, or 350 cc per pump revolution which makes the Drum Rotary Pump the ideal solution for dispensing from drums.

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