Do Not Use Lift Signage

In the event of fire do not use this lifts signage is used to ensure the occupants of the building are prevented from using the lift in the event of a fire, in the workplace staff may know not to use the lift because of your fire safety policy and emergency evacuation procedures but the general public in high rise building will be unaware so it's vital that landlords of high rise buildings display in the event of fire do not use this lift signage to prohibit the use of the lifts. In public buildings where lifts are used you can also mount and display Nite-Glo Fire Action Signs which has the message "Do not use lifts" at the base of the sign and these signs will glow in the dark to help people see the message when the lighting fails. Browse our complete range of public fire action notice signs which also details information about no using lifts during a fire and we provide a complete range of fire awareness emergency message signs ideal for all workplaces, public buildings and tower blocks. You may also be interested in our range of public prohibition signs to help stop the public carrying out specific tasks and activities in public areas.

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