Danger Slippery Surface Signage

Danger Slippery Surface Signage is used for displaying around areas to warn others of the slippery surfaces to help prevent any accidents from people slipping on wet surfaces from cleaning, liquid spillages, snow covered surfaces or areas covered in ice such as paths, driveways and car parks, the Danger Slippery Surface Signs are available in self adhesive vinyl and plastic making them ideal for displaying on walls and doors around slippery surface areas such as wet rooms and swimming pools. The Danger Slippery Surface Post Mountable Signs are great for warning people of the slippery surface dangers outdoors such as car parks and footpaths, the sign can also be mounted on fencing where no posts are available.

Around sites where there is a need to warn people of slippery surface dangers in numerous locations such as around schools, colleges, hospitals and public buildings the ideal solution is to display the pack of 6 Danger Slippery Surface Signs which allows you to warn others of slippery surface in multiple locations around your sites, when you need a temporary, yet fully portable slippery surface warning sign you can use the Danger Slippery Surface Portable Post Signs which feature a black and yellow post with a "danger slippery surface" message sign on the top which makes them ideal for standing in slippery surface areas such as reception areas, car parks and footpaths. The Danger Slippery Surface Stanchion Signs are excellent for warning people of slippery surfaces on a temporary basis such as snow and ice covered car parks and footpaths or for liquid spillages both indoors and outdoors.

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