Ear Protection Signage

Ear protection signs are a mandatory message types of ppe requirement signs used for displaying in noisy environments to ensure people wear ear protection to help protect their ears from the high decibel outputs from machinery and equipment. The ear protection required signs must be displayed at entry points where load noise levels are expected so people can wear ear defenders or ear plugs, the ear defenders can be stored in storage boxes for ear defenders for the quick and easy access to the ear muffs, and ear plugs dispensers offer the instant dispensing of ear plugs which again are to be sited in noisy environments and where ear protection is required it is normal for people to be instructed to wear some form of eye protection as well which can be achieved by installing mandatory eye protection signage which instructs people to wear eye protection. Personal protective equipment (PPE) signs are ideal for mounting in areas to instruct people to wear some type of ppe whilst carrying out their duties, see the mandatory industrial signage range for a wide range of sign options and signs for the workplace in numerous formats will ensure compliance with health & safety regulations.

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