Eye Protection Signs

What are Eye Protection Signs? Eye Protection Signs are a mandatory type of message sign which has the meaning that you must wear some form of eye protection as part of your ppe requirements and also to protect your eyes from dangers whilst you are carrying out your duties around the workplace.

Eye protection signs are fundamental in many business premises where there may be a risk to employees, visitors and contractors throughout the premises.

Eye protection signs convey a message to all within the building that the wearing of eye protection is mandatory and you must comply with this, there are numerous occupations and manufacturing facilities that demand eye protection glasses, goggles or masks must be work to protect each individual.

Some very important locations to display eye protection signs are chemical plants, laboratories, science rooms, manufacturing plants, welding areas and many more facilities.

To be effective in conveying the message that eye protection signs must be work please display them clearly on walls and especially entrance doors to the area of the hazard. As you can see from our range we have eye protection signs to suit any specific location.