Safety Helmets & Hard Hats

Safety Helmets & Hard Hats, the protection of your head is vital around all workplaces and safety helmets or hard hats can help prevent serious head injuries from falling objects or low hazard areas such as basements, mines, caves, boiler rooms and confined spaces where overhead hazards exist such as low ceilings, pipes, hooks and suspended objects so it is very important that whilst working in such areas that some form of head protection is worn such as the JSP® Mk 8 Maximum Protection Safety Helmets which provides maximum protection for the most hazardous environments, resists impacts 3 times greater than those required by EN 397, side, front and back protection from the shock absorbing polystyrene foam liner. View our complete range of workplace PPE protection equipment to help keep you safe and secure whilst working around the workplace both indoors and outdoors.

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