Flammable Hazard Signs

Flammable Hazard Signs are a range of signs which have been designed to be displayed around your premises to control and warn everyone of the dangers posed where you have any materials present that are of a flammable nature.

Flammable Hazard Signs, when you have flammable products within your workplace you need to control the dangers that flammable goods poses to others around the risks, depending on the specific flammable goods you use or store around your workplace you must display some form of warning highly flammable signage around your workplace.

All flammables within the workplace must be stored away in suitable cabinets or containers and be under lock and keys to prevent unauthorised access. These cabinets must have some form of hazard warning signs or labels attached to them to warn everyone that there are flammable goods stored inside. There could be other forms of flammables around your workplace such as flammable gases in which you will also need to display flammable hazard warning signs.

Ensure you display your flammable hazard warning signs in clear prominent positions around your workplace to ensure everyone is aware of the dangers the flammable goods or liquids poses, it is a good idea to seek specialist advise and very important that you carry out a risk assessment in order to determine the types of flammable warning signs that you will require.