Flammable Hazard Signage

Used for the purpose of mounting in areas to warn others of flammables the flammable hazard warning signs feature vibrant yellow backgrounds with black messages and universally recognised pictograms which makes them highly visible and eye catching to warn people of flammable goods and materials such as highly flammable store signs are ideal for mounting in areas where flammable goods are stored around the premises such as in gas bottle storage cages in which the frame is manufactured in angle iron with sides. Where chemicals are stored and used which have a flammable nature the chemical signage range offers a range of signs to warn others about toxic chemicals such as dangerous chemicals in which caution dangerous chemical signs can be mounted to warn others of any chemicals which are dangerous. To ensure compliance with your fire risk assessment it is vital that where flammable goods and materials are stored and used that adequate fire protection is provided to help combat any fires immediately such as installing fire extinguishers which can be mounted near flammable goods storage areas. View the complete range of flammable and chemical warning signs.

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