Drum Storage Spill Decks

Drum Storage Spill Decks, keep your chemical and oil drums safe from liquid spillages both indoors and out with this range of drum storage decks and pallets, spillages and leaks can occur when staff decant any liquids from drums so it is vital that they are stored correctly to capture and contain spillages and leaks. The 2 Drum Storage Spill Pallets feature a nestable design ensures minimal storage space and reduced transportation costs, interchangeable grates have extra large openings for easy leak detection. For further information regarding drum and cylinder storage visit the UK Government HSE website for advice and information. The Mobile Poly Drum Transporter Spill Cart features easy roll front wheels and braked rear wheels ensure smooth handling in the most demanding environments. Integral tool tray keeps tools clean and to hand, removable, structural foam grate for easy cleaning making them ideal for transporting drums of chemicals and oils around the workplace, the Hard Cover Spill Pallet features a drum cradle to store your drum horizontally making decanting much easier. Any chemical and oil spillages can be easily cleaned with our range of absorbent granules for any applications of spillages around the workplace. For more choices of hazardous products and equipment view our hazardous goods products range for the workplace.

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