Signage & Poster Fixings

Signage & Poster Fixings, around the workplace signs are installed for numerous reasons such as showing people where the fire exits routes are located to help guide the occupants out of the building and to show and highlight the locations of emergency fire equipment such as fire fighting equipment, without signs and posters being correctly fixed in their locations people in the building will be unaware of vital safety information such as what they must do in the event of a fire so it is vital that your fire action notice signs are in the correct locations and securely fixed to a secure backing such as a wall. Where you have purchased safety signs with a self-adhesive backing you will not need any other form of sign fixing, where you have purchased other types of signs such as plastic signs one of the best fixing methods is applying the Sign Permanent Fixing Adhesive which ideal for fixing rigid plastic signs without the need for drill holes, features excellent sealing properties, for securing your posters to walls the ideal choice is the Double Sided Self Adhesive Fixing Tabs which are quick and easy to apply double sided sticky tabs for fixing your workplace safety posters, notices and signs. The Brass Chain Sign Hanging Kits are the ideal choice for suspending heavier signs around the workplace where mounting on walls is limited and suspended signs are often used to show messages from both sides.

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