Smoking Control Signs

Smoking is banned in all buildings due to the no smoking law but where smokers are allowed to smoke around workplaces employers must provide adequate smoking facilities away from the property with suitable cigarette extinguishing bins which needs to be identified with the correct smoking area signs, in areas where people are not allowed to smoke the business owners must display no smoking signage which prohibits people from smoking which can also prohibit the smoking of electronic cigarettes such as vapes. Around sites such as chemical plants, factories and flammable production sites it is important to mount no smoking site signage which incorporates a mixture of different hazard prohibition messages such as highly flammable no smoking signs to stop others from smoking near flammable goods and materials.

Prohibiting people from smoking in workplaces is vital to comply with the law and you need to mount and display workplace no smoking prohibition signage which features no smoking symbols, pictograms and no smoking messages, around your sites where you have designated smoking areas you can let smokers know where the smoking areas are located by mounting and displaying smoking areas signage which are compliant with the health & safety regulations. We also supply the full range of prohibition signs for workplaces, schools, hospitals, shops, factories, warehouses and public areas and our complete range of safety signs are ideal for all workplaces and public buildings to help ensure you comply with the health & safety legislations. View our multi-message no smoking site prohibition signs.

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