PPE Storage Hooks

PPE Storage Hooks are the perfect solution for hanging up your ppe protective equipment ready for immediate use, the highly visible blue and white symbol backboards allows the type of ppe equipment to be instantly recognised. The ppe storage hooks can be wall mounted with screws or sticky pads and are ideal for installing around busy entry points where staff, visitors, contractors and (if appropriate) the general public.

In workplace which have loud noise levels from equipment and machinery the storage hooks for ear defenders are the perfect choice for installing at entry points to loud noise areas, in dusty environments and where chemicals are being used people must use a respirator for their own protection and they can be easily dispensed from the respirator storage hooks which can be installed near the entry points to the dusty and chemical fumed areas.

The face protection storage hooks are ideal for installing in areas where people must wear some form of face protection such as a face visor which are ideal for clinical areas, healthcare areas, welding bays and areas where chemicals are being used and the eye protection storage hooks offer the best solution for hanging safety goggles at entry points where people must wear eye goggles for protection from flying debris, dust and chemical splashes. View the complete range of containers for storing personal protective equipment.

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