Hazardous Substance Storage

Hazardous Substance Storage cabinets, the Mini Hazardous Cabinets are for safe storage of chemicals, paints and hazardous substances as defined by COSHH guidelines. Constructed from 18-20 gauge mild steel with a durable, epoxy polyester powder coated finish, clearly labelled with 'Highly Flammable' hazard warning diamonds that comply with current guidelines. Units comply with the Highly Flammable Liquids and Liquified Petroleum Gas Regulation 1972, mini cabinets fits easily under benches or worktops, Ideal for schools, laboratories or where low volume storage is required.

COSHH Chemical Storage Cabinets allows you to have safe and secure storage of your hazardous substances as required by the COSHH regulations, COSHH Chemical Storage Cabinets comply with the highly flammable liquids and liquified petroleum gas regulations 1972. COSHH Chemical Storage Cabinet are manufactured from high quality steel for added strength and under extreme conditions maintains it's integrity, COSHH Chemical Storage Cabinet comes complete with GHS 'Harmful/Irritant' ' ! ' symbol on the door. The Janitorial COSHH Chemical Storage Cabinets feature a 15 litre sump and the Medium COSHH Chemical Storage Cabinets are ideal for medium sized workplaces offering occasional use of chemicals in their working practices.

Flammable Storage units are ideal for all workplaces, schools and industrial premises for the correct storage of flammable liquids and solids such as petroleum spirit and fire works, the Armorgard Flammable Storage Boxes has been specially designed for transporting small quantities of flammable liquids and chemicals. Can be fixed to the back of a vehicle for safe transportation, fully welded and tested sump base to prevent any leakage. Ventilated to prevent build up of fumes with flame arrester gauze, heavy duty steel construction with a red finish and relevant hazard warning signs. Ideal for use in vehicles or for fixed installations.

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