Nite-Glo Photoluminescent Fire Action Signs

  • Fire Action Photo-luminescent Sign

  • Fire sign

  • Features pictogram & text

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Fire Action Photo-luminescent Sign

A Nite-Glo Fire Action Sign is a mandatory message instruction type of action sign which is generally used for displaying around premises for people to see and follow a step by step guidance of what actions must take upon the discovery of a fire and conveys the message "Fire Action" which means it is mandatory the actions are carried out in the event of a fire, the sign will also glow in the dark in the event of a lighting failure. The sign conveys the following messages;

  • "Sound the alarm" meaning upon discovering a fire it is mandatory you raise the fire alarm
  • "To call the fire brigade" meaning the nominated person must call the fire brigade
  • "Attack the fire if possible using the appliances provided" which means if safe to do so tackle the fire with fire extinguishers
  • "Leave the building by a specific route" which means there is a designated escape route assigned to the signs location
  • "Close all doors behind you" which means you must close the doors to stop the fire spreading
  • "Report to the assembly point" which means meet at the muster point to confirm you are safe.

Fire Action Photoluminescent Signs Specifications

Fantastic glow in the dark fire action signs

  • Signs are made using an environmentally friendly polyester film which is white in appearance in daylight but glows brightly when lighting is no longer available
  • Signs will stay illuminated for over 6 hours once activated by a good light source
  • Where can you display these signs? can be displayed both Inside and Outside
  • Can i write on the sign? Yes
  • What type of Finish is the sign? a Finish Film applied white in daylight but glows brightly in darkness
  • What Orientation is the sign? the orientation is Portrait
  • Is the sign Photoluminescent? it is Photoluminescent Class Class B
  • What Shape is the sign? it is Rectangle in shape
  • What is the Sign Type? it is a Fire sign
  • What is the size of the sign? various sizes in options
  • What material is the sign made of? Various materials in options
  • How is it supplied? it is supplied in Single
  • What is the Sign Type? it is a Fire sign

Additional Information

Additional Information

Expert Guidance
  • Fire Action Photo-luminescent Sign
  • Fire sign
  • Features pictogram & text

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