Fire Action Standard Signs

  • Fire Action Standard Sign
  • Fire Sign
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Fire Action Standard Sign

A Fire Action Standard Sign is a fire prevention action plan type of message sign which is used for being displayed around premises to provide a series of actions that need to be carried out upon the discovery of a fire and the sign conveys the message "Fire action" which has the meaning of providing guidance for people to follow when a fire is discovered, the sign consist of displaying messages of both mandatory and prohibition types, the first message being conveyed are the words "Any person discovering a fire" and this is followed by bullet points and the first bullet point is number 1. Sound the alarm, so however you sound the alarm within your workplace to warn others of a fire then you must use this method, it may be a fire alarm call point, siren or by shouting fire it all depends on the size of your building and the evacuation procedures you have in place.

The second bullet point is number 2. ...a blank space for you to complete is to call the fire brigade, so in the event of fire you may have nominated people to call the fire brigade such as the person on reception but this all depends on your fire evacuation policy. The third message is bullet point number 3. Attack the fire if possible using the appliances provided, this means that if you feel safe and have had the relevant fire training and know which fire extinguisher to use or fire blanket you can try and tackle the fire but only if it safe to do so. The fourth message being conveyed is the heading "On hearing the fire alarm" followed by bullet point number 4. Leave the building by....route so there is a blank space for you to complete depending on your fire policy you need to decide which route you want people to take in the event of fire.

The fifth bullet point is number 5. Close all doors behind you, within buildings there are fire doors which when closed prevent the rapid spread of fire and smoke and limiting the fire and smoke to a confined area so if you leave the doors open the fire and smoke will spread throughout the building more rapidly and potentially putting more lives at risk. The next bullet point is number 6. Report to assembly point with a blank space for you to complete, you may have, according to your fire policy a designated fire assembly point such as outside the gates or at the other side of the road so whichever you choose as your muster point it needs to be written in this white blank space.

The next messages being conveyed are prohibition types of messages, the first prohibition message is Do not take risks, this means do not stop to collect any valuables or personal belongings especially if they are stored away in safe areas as you may get trapped in the fire causing the fire brigade to look for you and putting their lives at risk too. The next prohibition is "Do not return to the building for any reason until authorised to do so" normally in the event of fire all evacuees will be outside at a muster point and everyone will be checked to ensure everyone is accounted for and if someone is missing the fire brigade will need to find the person so it is very important that you do not re-enter the burning building until your superior or fire wardens and fire marshals have authorised you to do so.

The final prohibition message is "Do not use lifts" as in the event of a fire the electricity is liable to be cut and if you use the lift it is possible that you may get stuck in the lift and it will be very difficult for the fire brigade to reach you in time, use the stairwells as these are protected routes allowing you to escape to a place of safety. The prohibition symbol is a solid red circle with a diagonal red line passing through it which means you are not allowed or are prevented from doing so and you are prohibited for a reason.

Fire Action Standard Information Signs Specifications

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  • Where can you display these signs? both Inside and Outside
  • What colour is the Background? the Background is both Red & Blue
  • What Colour is the text? the text is White
  • Can i write on the sign? Yes
  • What type of Finish is the sign? provides a High gloss finish
  • What Orientation is the sign? the orientation is Portrait
  • Is the sign Photoluminescent? it is Non Photoluminescent
  • What Shape is the sign? it is square in shape
  • What is the Sign Type? it is a Fire sign
  • What is the size of the sign? the Size is 200 x 200 mm
  • How is it supplied? it is supplied in Single
  • Text Fire Action
  • Any person discovering a fire
  • 1 Sound the alarm
  • 2 ...... to call fire brigade
  • 3 Attack the fire if possible using the appliances provided
  • On hearing the fire alarm
  • 4 Leave the building by ...... route
  • 5 Close all doors behind you