Fire Action Deluxe Silver Looking Effect Signs

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Fire Action Silver Effect Sign

A Fire Action Silver Effect Sign is a fire evacuation message type of information sign which is manufactured fro polyester material and provides a silver looking finish which is used for displaying around premises where there is a need to provide guidance for people of what actions they need to take upon the discovery of a fire. A Fire Action Silver Effect Sign features the following information;

  • The sign header reads "FIRE action"
  • Message 1 conveys "Sound the alarm"
  • Message 2 conveys "Leave the building by the nearest available exit"
  • Message 3 conveys "Report to assembly point..."
  • Message 4 conveys"Do not return to the building for any reason until authorised to do so"
  • Message 5 conveys "Do not use lifts"

Fire Action Deluxe Silver Looking Effect Signs Specifications

Manufactured from 1.5mm acrylic material but providing you with a great look

  • Does the sign conform to regulations? they conform to the latest signs & signals regulations
  • Where can you display these signs? can be displayed both Inside and Outside
  • Can i write on the sign? Yes you can write on the sign
  • What type of Finish is the sign? the Finish is a Silver Effect
  • How do you fix the sign? the Fixing is a Permanent Self-Adhesive 3M adhesive backing
  • What material is the sign made of? the Material is Acrylic
  • What thickness is the Material? the Thickness is 0.8 mm
  • What Orientation is the sign? the orientation is Portrait
  • Is the sign Photoluminescent? it is Non Photoluminescent
  • What Shape is the sign? it is Rectangle in shape
  • Is the sign Reflective? No it is Non Reflective
  • What is the size of the sign? various sizes in options
  • How is it supplied? it is supplied in Single
  • What is the Sign Type? it is a Fire sign
  • Sound the alarm
  • Leave building by nearest available exit
  • Report to assembly point
  • Do not return to the building until authorised to do so
  • Do not use the lifts
More Information
Short Description
  • Fire Action Silver Effect Sign
  • Silver Looking Effect Sign
  • Features pictogram & text
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