Cylinder Storage Signs

What are Cylinder Storage Signs? Cylinder Storage Signs are a range of signs that convey a variety of messages to warn everyone of any dangers or hazards posed where you have cylinders in storage that may be a potential hazards to everyone if specific actions are not carried out by everyone within the immediate area.

Cylinder Storage Signs, many workplaces carry out their operations and practices with the use of some form of pressurised cylinders within the property, such cylinders must be controlled whilst either in use or in storage. Fork lift trucks can run on LPG gas which is a large red cylinder with pressurised gas, normally the full LPG gas bottles will be stored away outside away from the building in a cage which must always be kept lock until a change of gas is required for the fork lift truck. These cages must display the appropriate LPG hazard warning signs to warn others of the potential dangers the gas bottles poses.

Anywhere within your workplace that you use or store some form of pressurised bottles then you must display the appropriate related signage. It is a good idea to consult a specialist to carry out a risk assessment of your property to decide what type of signage you require for your cylinder storage areas.