Emergency Exit Only Signs

Emergency Exit Only Signs are a range of vital information signs which provides all occupants of a building where the emergency exit is located, Emergency Exit Only Signs illustrate that the doors are for use in the event of an emergency only and are not regarded as entry and exit doors at other times.

Emergency Exit Only Signs, without a doubt all businesses and public buildings throughout the UK have some form of fire exit or fire escape signage installed and displayed throughout the buildings, without the correct fire exit signs being displayed there could be injuries or fatalities as people including staff, visitors, contractors and the general public will not be able to escape the property safely in the event of an emergency.

You need to carry out a fire risk assessment of your building(s) and note where your fire escape routes and fire exits are located, once complete you need to ensure you have the correct fire exit and fire escape route signage in place throughout your property. We can assist you as you may need to display these Emergency Exit Signs, when you display these Emergency Exit Signs you are sending a clear information message to all the buildings occupants that in the event of an emergency or fire they are allowed to follow the route of the Emergency Exit Signs in order to escape the building to a safe place.