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  • Employee Parking Only Sign

  • Parking sign

  • Features pictogram & text


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Employee Parking Only Signs

What are Employee Parking Only Signs? Employee Parking Only Signs are a traffic parking restriction type of message sign which conveys a message to everyone that means the allocated parking areas, spaces or bays have been reserved for employee parking only, these signs are normally displayed around car parks and parking areas around business premises to ensure only employees park there and the signs will help deter non-employees from parking in the area.

What do Employee Parking Only Signs show? Employee Parking Only Signs are parking information type of sign which consist of the words "Employee Parking Only" which is printed in black and displayed on a white background and left of the message "Employee Parking Only" is an image of the letter "P" for parking which is printed in white and displayed onto a blue squared background.

Employee Parking Only Signs Specifications

  • Ensures compliance under the latest signs & signals regulations
  • Display area Indoor and Outdoor
  • Fixing Bolted, Post Mount, Various - Available Separately.
  • Fixing Various - Available Separately
  • ISO 7010 No
  • Shape Rectangle
  • Supplied in Single

Additional Information

Additional Information

Expert Guidance
  • Employee Parking Only Sign
  • Parking sign
  • Features pictogram & text