First Aider Signs

First Aider Signs, all business premises require some kind of first aid procedures in place in the event of someone having an accident, whilst small businesses manage with just a first aid box and little training larger businesses require a number of first aider's depending on how many staff they have within the workplace. Our range of first aid signs include first aid box signs, first aid room signs and first aider signs, large businesses require a dedicated first aid room, this first aid room requires first aid room signage displayed clearly and prominently for everyone to see, perhaps you have first aid points around your workplace, if so then you must display the appropriate first aid point signage above your first aid point for all staff, visitors and contractors to see. It is also very important that if you have first aiders on your premises then you will need to display first aider location signs so that in the event of an emergency everyone knows how to locate a first aider. It is wise to seek specialist advice regarding your first aid requirements and carry out a risk assessment to determine what your first aid commitments will be.