Hanging Signs

Hanging Signs or suspended signs are a range of signs that can be suspended from ceilings to provide everyone with information messages that can be seen from both sides and also above everyone including machinery, equipment and office desks. Hanging Signs provide you with the added benefit of conveying your message from both sides making them ideal for suspending in corridors.

Hanging signs provide enhanced visibility in warehouses, factories, production plants, shop floors, supermarkets and corridors as they can easily be seen form great distances, a good example of this is supermarkets or superstores where hanging signs can be seen in each shopping aisle, not just from the aisle but from other areas of the store too.

In factories where there is a lot of machinery and overhead power leads hanging signs will often be displayed to be easily seen from much further distances above and beyond the machinery and power cables, as well as the hanging signs size and positions they also have the added advantage of being double sided so wherever you display your hanging signs they will be noticed from great distances providing your staff, visitors, contractors and the general public with ease of navigation throughout your premises to the designated end route.