Nite Glo Exit Arrow Right Up Signs

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  • Nite Glo Exit Arrow Right Up Sign
  • Exit sign
  • Features pictogram & text

Nite Glo Exit Arrow Right Up Sign

A Nite Glo Exit Arrow Up Right Sign is a building exit door navigation type of sign which has been designed so that it will glow in the dark if the lights go out inside a building and the sign is generally used for being displayed around areas to show people that they need to travel in the right and upwards direction so they can reach the exit of the property and the sign conveys the message "Exit arrow up right" meaning to exit the building people must travel in the up and right direction.

Nite Glo Exit Man With Right Diagonal Arrow Up Signs Specifications

  • Ensures compliance under the latest signs & signals regulations
  • Display area Indoor and Outdoor
  • Colour - Background Fluorescent Green
  • Colour - Text Fluorescent Yellow
  • Direction Top Diagonal Right
  • Finish Film applied white in daylight but glows brightly in darkness
  • Fixing Various - Available Separately
  • Material Rigid Plastic
  • Material Thickness 1.2 mm
  • Orientation Landscape
  • Photoluminescence Photoluminescent
  • Shape Rectangle
  • Sign/Symbol Running man
  • Arrow right diagonal and up
  • Sign Text/Symbol Symbol and Text
  • Sign Type Exit
  • Size 150 x 450 mm
  • Illumination - 6hrs +
  • Recharge time - 5 minutes in normal lighting
  • PSPA Class B
  • Supplied in Single
  • Text Exit
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Short Description
  • Nite Glo Exit Arrow Right Up Sign
  • Exit sign
  • Features pictogram & text