Plug Wiring Tape Supplied In 66 Metre Long Roll

  • Sign Type Information

  • Size (W x L) 25 mm x 66 m

  • Supplied in Single


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Product Description


Plug Wiring Tape

What is a Plug Wiring Tape? a Plug Wiring Tape is a type of label tape that you will use to display on new or reconditioned electrical equipment to help you comply with electrical safety regulations and demonstrates the correct installation of electrical goods and wiring.

Where can i use Plug Wiring Tape? you will use this Plug Wiring Tape on electrical plugs and cables to show that the electrical goods have been wired correctly at a glance.

What do Plug Wiring Tapes look like? Plug Wiring Tape are an information type of label tape which consist of an image or picture of the inside of a power plug which is followed by the message "IMPORTANT the wires in this mains lead are coloured in accordance with the following code" and this is followed by Green and Yellow is earth, Blue is neutral and brown is live. And the last message reads fittings marked with a double squared box are double insulated and do not need to be earthed, in all other cases earth is essential.

Plug Wiring Tapes are required where, although putting in place any other relevant electrical control measures, any significant risks to the health and safety of employees, visitors, contractors or the general public should remain in place, Plug Wiring Tapes must be clear, legible and easy to understand and should be used to identify actions that are for ensuring your electrical goods have been installed or reconditioned and correctly labelled and as a result displaying these Plug Wiring Tapes your are compliant with the electrical regulations.

In deciding when and where to use your Plug Wiring Tapes, electricians must consider the results of the risk assessment made under the Management of Health and Safety at Work Regulations 1999 (the Management Regulations).2 This assessment should identify where these Plug Wiring Tapes should be used if they will help to ensure everyone is aware that your electrical goods are clearly labelled.

It is vital that employers make sure their employees are aware of and understand the meaning of these Plug Wiring Tapes by providing training where required. Although these Plug Wiring Tapes are self-explanatory, new employees may be unfamiliar with the meaning of these Plug Wiring Tapes, It is because of this that the meaning of these Plug Wiring Tapes are clearly explained to everyone and that staff, visitors, contractors and in some cases the general public are aware of the consequences of not following the information provided by your Plug Wiring Tapes.

Plug Wiring Tapes

Show correct wiring instructions clearly

  • Attach to new or reconditioned equipment
  • Helps you comply with PUWER, Regulation 98 which requires warning labels to enable the correct installation
  • Self-adhesive vinyl tape
  • Size: 25mm x 66 metre long roll
  • Approximately 440 repeats of the instructions illustrated on each roll
  • Materials Guide - Self-Adhesive Vinyl
  • A high gloss flexible self-adhesive material with an easy peel backing
  • Suitable for use indoor or outdoor when applied to smooth, clean, dry surfaces
  • Ideal for curved surfaces such as cylinders
  • Self adhesive vinyl labels are quick and easy to position and require no fixing
  • Application Area Indoor and Outdoor
  • Description Plug wiring tape
  • Material Vinyl
  • Shape Rectangle
  • Sign Type Information
  • Size (W x L) 25 mm x 66 m
  • Supplied in Single
  • Text IMPORTANT The wires in this mains lead are coloured in accordance with the following code:- GREEN & YELLOW - EARTH BLUE - NEUTRAL BROWN - LIVE
  • Fittings marked [] are double insulated and do not need to be earthed. In all other cases earth

Additional Information

Additional Information

Expert Guidance
  • Sign Type Information
  • Size (W x L) 25 mm x 66 m
  • Supplied in Single