Touch Glass Alerter With 100 Metre Range

    • Touch Glass Alerter
    • 100 m range
    • Supplied with 2 year guarantee
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Touch Glass Alerter With 100 Metre Range

Touch Glass Alerter With 100 Metre Range, Just touch the glass to operate, this simple, battery operated device is ideal for disabled people to alert members of staff when access is needed into premises, simply attach the sign to the inside of the window with the supplied self-adhesive vinyl pads. When the glass is touched the receiver is activated and a small LED light will flash, easy to install - no drilling holes or calling for an electrician.

Operates on all glass/plastic up to 28mm thick-even through double glazing. When visitors arrive at your premises, you want their first impression to be a good one, and finding themselves stuck outside and unable to attract attention does not tally with this image. Nor do old-fashioned buzzer systems, which often feature a delay in answering and entry.

This wireless doorbell has been designed to remedy this issue and improve the visitor experience. Touch activated, those seeking access need only run their fingers over it to alert staff to their presence. Particularly useful when disabled visitors arrive, it allows them to easily and discreetly alert employees to their need for assistance, without drawing undue attention that could lead to embarrassment.

Totally wireless, the doorbell is incredibly simple to install, with no drilling required to attach it or set it up. Featuring double-sided application pads, it can be stuck to the inside of an appropriate door or window for instant utility. Made to function in most environments, the doorbell is capable of operating through both single and double glazing glass up to 28mm thick, ensuring the necessary versatility to install it wherever its presence is most useful.

For optimum effect, this should be done at a level accessible to both wheelchair users and those with impaired mobility. Working in conjunction with a receiver, the doorbell itself can communicate within a range of 100m, meaning that you can place it in your reception or with a designated employee to best suits your needs.

Installed on the inside of glass, the doorbell is vandal proof, and features a handy anti-nuisance device to prevent constant ringing. It is fully DDA compliant and CE approved.

Touch Glass Alerter With 100 Metre Range Specifications

    • Works on all glass/plastic up to 28mm thick, even through double-glazing, up to 100m range
    • 30 seconds delay between operations
    • Supplied with 2 year guarantee
    • The receiver can be placed in your reception area or carried by a designated employee up to a range of 100m
    • Vandal-proof, all parts are inside your premises and fitted with an anti-nuisance device preventing continuous ringing
    • Battery operated, requires 2 x Duracell Ultra Batteries AA batteries (sold separately)
    • NB: Not suitable for wired safety glass
    • Wireless for easy installation
    • Self-adhesive for simple and straightforward application
    • Sits inside your premises to prevent vandalism
    • Description Wireless Alerter
    • Fixing Self-adhesive pads
    • Power Supply 2 x AA batteries
    • Product Description Touch Glass Wireless Doorbell
    • Range 100m
    • 30 second delay between operations
    • 2 Year Guarantee
    • 100 m range
    • Led light
    • Supplied in Single
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Short Description
    • Touch Glass Alerter
    • 100 m range
    • Supplied with 2 year guarantee