Toughstripe™ Centre Markers Floor Marking Tape Colour White

  • Features - Chemical Resistant Yes

  • Material Polyester

  • Supplied in Pack of 20

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Product Description


White Toughstripe™ Floor Centre Markers

What are White Toughstripe™ Floor Centre Markers? White Toughstripe™ Floor Centre Markers are a range of floor stickers which have been designed in the shape of a cross so when they are applied to floors they can be combined with other tapes to construct floor bays or used as dividers of areas on floors so bespoke bays and areas can be created for the storage or siting of goods or machinery.

Where can i lay White Floor Centre Markers? White Floor Centre Markers are ideal for floors where designated bays are required and White Floor Centre Stickers help provide you with dividing the floor bays up, they can also help create bays for equipment, machinery and vehicles inside warehousing.

What do White Floor Centre Stickers feature? White Floor Centre Stickers are quick and easy to apply, simply peel away the backing and apply to a clean, dry and smooth surface, they offer resistance to harsh chemicals and provide anti-slip properties, when laid they provide a high gloss finish similar to what paint does but at a fraction of the price.

White Floor Centre Stickers Specifications

  • Offers a more durable option to floor marking, ideal for warehouse and manufacturing environments
  • Resists harsh chemicals and can be easily removed without damaging the floor or leaving an adhesive residue
  • Ideal for marking storage locations, loading areas and organising freight
  • Able to withstand temperatures of -18°C to +54°C
  • Has a high gloss surface which gives the effect of paint and is easy to clean
  • Has a thickness of 0.2 mm meaning it is flexible and easy to remove/replace
  • Quick and easy application, simply peel off backing and smooth down
  • Application conditions: Minimum 5ºC, dry floor. Not suitable for heavily textured surfaces
  • Adhesive Self-Adhesive
  • Anti-Slip Yes
  • Brand BRADY
  • Colour(s) White
  • Features - Chemical Resistant Yes
  • Material Polyester
  • Supplied in Pack of 20
  • Temperature -18 °C to 54 °C
  • Thickness 0.2 mm
  • T° Max. 54 °C
  • T° Min. -18 °C

Additional Information

Additional Information

Expert Guidance
  • Features - Chemical Resistant Yes
  • Material Polyester
  • Supplied in Pack of 20

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