Warning Computer Power Socket Warning Labels

  • Size (H x W) 15 x 50 mm

  • Supplied in Pack of 10

  • Text Computer


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Computer Power Socket Labels

What is a Computer Power Socket Label? Computer Power Socket signs are a hazard warning or caution type of sign message that has a meaning of that highlights the Computer power socket or plug, this provides everyone with the information of which power socket or plug belongs to the computer if you have multiple sockets and plugs in one location making the computer one easier to identify.

Where can i display Computer Power Socket Labels? you can display these Computer Power Socket Labels you computer sockets, plugs or wires so you can identify which one belongs to your computer and in turn making it harder for someone to turn off your computer accidentally.

Around your workplace or at home you may have computers around that are also sharing power sockets with other electrical items and you need to label up your computer wires, plugs and sockets to ensure that your computers are not switched off.

The best way to ensure everyone is aware and warned about which wires, cables, plugs and sockets belongs to the computer is to install these Computer Labels, when you display these Computer Labels you are sending a clear caution warning message to all staff, visitors, contractors and in some cases the general public that the specific cabling, power leads, plugs and sockets belong to the computer.

What do Computer Labels look like? Computer Labels are a warning type of sign which consist of the word "Computer" which is printed in black and displayed on a yellow background and left of the message "Computer" is an exclamation mark in black displayed onto a yellow filled triangular background with a black border.

The Safety Signs and Signals regulations 1996 state that Computer Labels are recommended to be displayed to warn people that the power leads, cables, power sockets or plugs belong to the computer so by displaying these Computer stickers you are complying with health & safety. Our range of Computer stickers are available with free delivery too. Please display your Computer stickers in positions on your computer plugs, sockets, cables and wires.

The Health and Safety (Safety Signs and Signals) Regulations 1996 details that Computer stickers must have a yellow background so by displaying these Computer stickers you are compliant with The Health & Safety (Safety Signs and Signals) Regulations 1996. In addition these Computer stickers where applicable, conform to BS EN ISO 7010. Our range of Computer stickers are available in a wide range of sizes, materials and formats to suit all types of premises.

Computer stickers are required where, although putting in place any other relevant computer identification measures, any significant risks to the health and safety of employees, visitors, contractors or the general public should remain in place, Computer stickers must be clear, legible and easy to understand and should be used to identify actions that are for warning everyone of which plugs, sockets, wires and cables belong to the computer and as a result displaying these Computer stickers your are compliant with the signs and signal regulations.

In deciding when and where to use your Computer stickers, employers must consider the results of the risk assessment made under the Management of Health and Safety at Work Regulations 1999 (the Management Regulations).2 This assessment should identify where these Computer stickers should be used if they will help to ensure everyone is warned that your computers are clearly labelled.

It is vital that employers make sure their employees are aware of and understand the meaning of these Computer stickers by providing training where required. Although these Computer stickers are self-explanatory, new employees may be unfamiliar with the meaning of these Computer stickers, It is because of this that the meaning of these Computer stickers are clearly explained to everyone and that staff, visitors, contractors and in some cases the general public are aware of the consequences of not following the information provided by your Computer stickers.

Computer stickers Specifications

Use these labels for easy socket identification

  • Place self adhesive labels onto sockets to warn of faulty equipment
  • Use to identify which plugs can be safely removed
  • Made from self-adhesive vinyl
  • Price per pack of 10 labels
  • Size: 15 x 50mm (H x W)
  • Application Area Indoor and Outdoor
  • Colour(s) Yellow/Black
  • Description Self-adhesive
  • Material Vinyl
  • Shape Rectangle
  • Sign/Symbol General Hazard
  • Sign Type Hazard
  • Size (H x W) 15 x 50 mm
  • Supplied in Pack of 10
  • Text Computer

Additional Information

Additional Information

Expert Guidance
  • Size (H x W) 15 x 50 mm
  • Supplied in Pack of 10
  • Text Computer