Wheelchair Accessible Toilets 3D Projecting Signs

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Accessible Toilets 3D Projecting Signs

An Accessible Toilets 3D Projecting Sign is a public information type of 3D sign which is generally used for being displayed around areas of a building where it is necessary to assist the disabled and wheelchair user's find where the accessible toilets are situated and Accessible Toilets 3D Projecting Signage conveys the message "Accessible toilet" which means to show everyone the location of the wheelchair accessible toilets. For highlighting accessible toilets in corridors the accessible toilets corridor signs are double sided and will show the accessible toilets from both sides of the corridor and Accessible Toilet Frosted Acrylic Signs features a prestigious look that will compliment any interior decor.

Wheelchair Accessible Toilets 3D Projecting Washroom Signs Specifications

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