Xtra-Glo Photo-luminescent Fire Action Signs

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Fire Action 6-Pack Photo-luminescent Signs

Xtra-Glo Photo-luminescent Fire Action Signs are a mandatory type of fire action sign which has been designed to glow very brightly during darkness and is used for being displayed around areas to provide the occupants of a building with a series of step by step actions of what they must do upon discovering a fire, view our range of Packs Of 6 Fire Action Signs the Xtra-Glo Photo-luminescent Fire Action Signs features the following messages;

    • The sign heading reads "FIRE ACTION"
    • Message 1 reads "Sound the alarm"
    • Message 2 reads "Leave building by nearest exit"
    • Message 3 reads "Report to assembly point..."
    • Message 4 reads "Do not return to the building until authorised to do so"
    • Message 5 reads "Do not use lifts"

    6-Pack Xtra-Glo Photoluminescent Fire Action Signs Specifications

      • View the full range of glow in the dark fire action notice signs
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      • A similar choice are the Nite-Glo Fire Action Signs 6 Pack
      • Xtra-Glo signs will illuminate with only 5 minutes of charge in normal lighting conditions
      • Provides clear, easily understood instructions in the event of a fire, even when lighting fails
      • can be displayed both Inside and Outside
      • can write on the sign
      • Environmentally friendly polyester film finish
      • Permanent Self-Adhesive
      • conform to ISO 7010
      • Material is Polyester
      • orientation is Portrait
      • Rectangular shape
      • General Mandatory
      • Fire Alarm Call Point Running Man
      • Fire Assembly Point
      • Do Not Use Lifts Sign
      • How many are supplied? Supplied in Pack of 6
      • Highly Photoluminescent
      • Size measures (H x W) 297 x 210 mm
      • Ultra-high initial brightness Illumination - 24hrs +
      • recharge time is 5 minutes in normal lighting PSPA Class C
      • Supplied in Pack of 6
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