Nite-Glo Fire Alarm Fire Action Signs

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Nite-Glo Fire Alarm And Fire Action Sign

A Nite-Glo Fire Alarm Fire Action Sign is a multi message fire evacuation type of message sign which has been designed to glow in the dark when the building lights fail and is used for being displayed around premises where the fire alarm activation points are located and conveys the message "Fire alarm" and "Fire action" which have the meaning of showing the location of the fire call points and providing a step by step plan of action of what people must do in the event of a fire. A Nite-Glo Fire Alarm Fire Action Sign feature the following information;

      • Message 1 conveys "Any person discovering a fire"
      • Message 1 conveys "Sound the alarm"
      • Message 1 conveys " call fire brigade"
      • Message 1 conveys "Attack the fire if possible using the appliances provided"
      • Message 1 conveys "On hearing the fire alarm"
      • Message 1 conveys "Leave the building by...route"
      • Message 1 conveys "Close all doors behind you"
      • Message 1 conveys "Report to assembly point..."

Nite-Glo Fire Alarm And Fire Action Signs Specifications

Displaying Nite-Glo Photoluminescent Fire Action Signs are the perfect solution for displaying in buildings and properties which have internal lifts and can easily be seen in low lit areas and in darkness should any lighting fail to operate, these fire action signs are capable of glowing for around 6 hours and provide ample lighting for the occupants to clearly read they are not allowed to use any lifts in the event of the fire alarm being activated. Some building and property owners prefer to have signage which is aesthetically pleasing to look at and Fire Action Notice Nite-Glo Acrylic Signs provide this perfect solution, the signs material is 6mm thick acrylic, square in design and benefits from up to 6 hours illumination in the event of a power failure making them perfect where a luxurious look is required around buildings.

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