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  1. Appointment Of Safety Representatives

    Appointment Of Safety Representatives

    Normally, recognised trade unions will appoint representatives to represent a group or groups of workers of a class for which the union has negotiating rights. However, limiting representation to a particular group or groups should not be regarded as a hindrance to the representative raising general matters affecting the health and safety of employees as a whole. Equally, these general principles do not prevent a health and safety representative representing.

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  2. Cleaning Up Your Chemical Spill...The Best Guide

    Cleaning Up Your Chemical Spill...The Best Guide

    Try not to go walking or track via the spill area, make use of a scoop and then whisk broom to thoroughly clean chemical substance deposits from leak. Place in adequately labelled carrier or alternatively bucket for disposal, cleanse leak areas in detail with a Surface Cleaner, after that wipe dry.

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