1. Why traffic signs?

    Why traffic signs?

    Clear and efficient signing is an essential part of highway and traffic engineering and a road with poor signing or with badly maintained signs is an unsatisfactory road. Road users depend on signing for information and guidance; highway authorities depend on signing for the efficient working and the enforcement of traffic regulations, for traffic control, and as an aid to road safety. Signing includes not only signs on posts but also carriageway markings, beacons, studs, bollards, traffic signals and other devices.

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  2. Consumer benefits of photo luminescent signs

    Consumer benefits of photo luminescent signs

    Throughout the UK there are thousands of businesses including offices, factories, warehouses, schools, public buildings, hospitals, shopping centres and the list goes on who all rely upon these photo-luminescent or glow in the dark if you prefer, signs. The signs are self-charging either by daylight or interior lighting and when a certain level of darkness is achieved the signs will self-illuminate, they will actually glow to show the contents of the sign in the dark, let’s say for example you place a glow in the dark sign in the corridor showing fire exit with an arrow then this sign as well as some of the corridor will be illuminated to provide minimal but an adequate amount of light to illuminate your route to the exit. By providing these signs in your premises you will not only assist your staff but members of the public and visitors too.

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  3. The Essential Signage For Your Workplace

    The Essential Signage For Your Workplace

    Did you know what exactly does it signify by green fire safety signs? How about the red signs, blue circles, red circles, and yellow triangles? They are the signs that will ensure safety measures at work that each worker really ought to know. Due to the fact fires never come about day-to-day, all these protection signs are constant reminders to a workforce to be attentive in case of accidents. All of these signs are even more effective as in glow-in-the-dark finishes. As well as these types of signs, the Safety and health Legal requirements, What You Need To Know banner also has to be posted at work.

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  4. Wet And Dry Riser Fire Mains Information

    Wet And Dry Riser Fire Mains Information

    The rising fire main is an important facility for the fire and rescue service in taller buildings. It consists of an inlet box where fire-fighters can connect their hoses, a pipe running up through the building, outlet valves on each floor level and an air vent at the top.

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  5. Health And Safety In The Workplace

    Health And Safety In The Workplace

    This guidance is for employers and duty holders, and others who have responsibility for the control of work sites and premises, or operating equipment requiring verbal and/or non verbal communications. This third edition provides practical advice on how to comply with the Health and Safety (Safety Signs and Signals) Regulations 1996.

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